Family Trip

If you want to know the history of Peru, this is the place to find out all about it. Its a great experience and you wont regert it. We certainly didnt and loved every minute of it.

Toronto, Canadá

Diciembre 2019


A magical Peruvian experience!

I learned a lot about Peruvian gastronomy and culture, and I really enjoyed Peruvian experience, it was my first time eating Peruvian food so I loved it!

Staff was extremely kind and made me feel as if I were at home, especially Andres, who had his eyes on us all the time during the whole experience, he was also very patient when answering all our questions. He made me feel at ease!
100% recommended!

Diciembre 2019


A must place for a executive rebriefing of all Peru, a multi-sensorial and participative experience, compressed knowledge in 2 hours of pure joy, not only for tourist but for all Peruvians, great food and drinks in a unique environment, mixing music, dance, performance and gastronomic displays.


Victor RuizCaro Rothgiesser

A good start to a Peruvian Trip

I think it is a new attraction and a good one too especially if you have just arrived in Peru. It gives you a good idea of the Inca life and the Peruvian life today.

Isla de Malta, Malta

Febrero 2020


I loved it!

We were unsure about booking at first…looked interesting but not sure it would be worth our time or money. We were very pleasantly surprised. The Peruvian Experience exceeded all our expectations. The food was excellent, the pisco making was fun, we learned about Peruvian food and culture (but not in a boring way). Above all, the friendliness and enthusiasm of the hosts made this worth every penny. We are very glad we did it and recommend you also spend a couple of hours enjoying the Peruvian Experience!

Brussels, Belgium

JUNIO 2019


Very well done, great staff, and lots of fun!!!



Juan Carlos Cruzado