Privacy policy

In PERUVIAN EXPERIENCE, we are committed to protect your privacy. This privacy policy applies to our website ( and our social media ( It also regulates our data compilation, processing and use practices, and describes its choices with regard to the use, access and accuracy of your personal information. If you disagree with the data practices described in this privacy policy, we ask you not to use our websites. We update this privacy policy on a regular basis. Any change in the privacy policy will be published on this site, and, if the changes are significant, we will provide you with a detailed notice by email. Even though any significant change to this privacy policy will be informed, we encourage you to check this privacy policy from time to time. Moreover, earlier versions of this privacy policy will be saved in a file for your review. Our privacy policy focuses on data we compile:

  • through the website we manage and from which you access to this privacy policy;
  • through the software applications we make available to you so you can use them on computers or mobile devices (the “Applications”);
  • through the social media we use;
  • through emails with HTML format we send with the link to this privacy policy and through your communications with us;
  • when you visit us in our physical address or through other offline interactions.

We refer to our “Websites” and “Social media sites” jointly as the “Online services”, and to the latter jointly with the offline channels, as the “Services”. By using the “Services”, you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

  1. About the data we compile. “Personal information” is the data that identifies you individually or that is related to an identifiable person. In the customer touchpoints, we compile the following “Personal information” according to the law:
  • Postal address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address.
  • Credit and debit card number or other payment information.
  • Financial information under certain circumstances.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Nationality, passport, visa and other identification data issued by government authorities.
  • Important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.
  • Data of your employer.
  • Travel itinerary, travel group or activities information.
  • Social media accounts ID, profile picture and other publicly available data, or data available by linking your social media.

Under even more special circumstances, we may also compile:

  • Family members and companions’ data, such as names and ages of children.
  • Video and audio images and data through: (a) security cameras located in public areas, such as hallways and lobby of our attraction.

If you give us any “Personal information” from other people with regard to the services (e.g., if you make a reservation for other person), you represent to have the power to do so and to allow us to use such information in accordance with this privacy policy.

  1. About how we compile personal information. We compile “Personal information” under the following modalities:
  • Online services. We compile “Personal information” when you make a reservation, acquire services from our “Website” or “Applications”, communicate with or connect to us, post information on the social media, register to receive information, participate in a survey, contest or promotion, or even fill in forms asking for information in different social platforms (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, among others).
  • We also compile “Personal information” when you attend the promotional events we organize or in which we participate, or when you give us your “Personal information” to organize an event.
  • Customer service center. We compile “Personal information” when you make a reservation by telephone or communicate with us by email.
  • Strategic business partners. We compile “Personal information” from the companies with which we do business in order to provide you with services and offers based on your needs according to our experience, or that we deem to be of your interest (“Strategic business partners”).
  • Other sources. We compile “Personal information” from other sources, such as public databases, marketing joint partners and other third parties.
  • Devices connected to the Internet. We compile “Personal information” from the devices connected to the Internet available within our property.
  • Physical location and mobile services based on your location. We compile “Personal information” if you participate in certain programs. We may compile the physical location of your device by using, for instance, a satellite, a cell tower, Wi-Fi signals and other technologies. We will compile this information if you agree to receive our offers and enable the location function in your mobile device through the “Application” or other program (during your first login or afterwards).

We use the “Personal information” and other data for our legitimate business interests, including the following:

  • Providing the “Services” you request. We use the “Personal information” and other data in order to provide you with the services you request, including the following: providing the services you request, such as making reservations and sending confirmations or messages prior to your arrival; assisting you in meetings, events and celebrations; giving you more information on the experience; completing your reservation, e.g., processing your payment and providing you with the relevant customer services; backing our electronic receipts program. When you make a reservation, you give us an email address, which we use to send you a copy of your invoice. If you make a reservation for another person using his or her email address, that person’s invoice will also be sent to him or her by an email. You may indicate that you don’t want to receive your invoice by email and that you prefer to have a hard copy of it, by talking to our front desk representatives. We will use the “Personal information” and other data to manage our contractual relationship with you, because we have a legitimate interest to do so and to comply with any legal obligation.
  • Draws, activities, events and promotions. We use the “Personal information” and other data so you can participate in draws, contests and other promotions, and to manage such activities. Some of these activities have additional regulations, which could contain additional information on how we use and disclose your “Personal information”. We suggest you to carefully read those regulations.
  • Business purposes. We use the “Personal information” and other data for data analysis, audits, security, fraud control and prevention (including the use of closed-circuit television and other security systems), development of new products, improvements or changes to our “Services”, identification of usage trends, determining of the efficacy of our promotional campaigns, and the operation and expansion of our business activities.
  1. About the disclosure of your personal data. We will use and disclose the “Personal information” as we deem necessary or recommendable:

(a) in accordance with the applicable laws, including the laws in force outside your country of residence;

(b) to comply with any legal procedure;

(c) in response to requests by governmental authorities;

(d) to enforce our terms and conditions;

(e) to protect our operations and the ones of our branches;

(f) to protect our rights, privacy, security and ownership and the ones of our branches, you and others; and

(g) to be able to use the legal resources available to us and or limit the damages we may suffer.

We may use and disclose the other data for any purpose, unless otherwise provided by the law. In some cases, we may combine the other data with the “Personal information” (e.g., combine your name with your location). If we do it, we will treat the information as “Personal information” provided that it is combined. In accordance with any consent you had granted, you have the right to refuse to give your consent and, if you do give it, to withdraw it at any time by sending a mail to

If you have any question about this privacy policy or about how we treat the information you give us, please send us an email to